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You can get full service, including design. Your labels can be ready to ship within 24 hours

What are your needs towards self-adhesive labels?

You need labels that help your product really stand out?
We offer a wide range of innovative materials.

You want to improve the design of your labels?
Our designers are eager to help.

Your deadline is very tight?
Your labels can be ready to ship within 24h, with fast delivery to any destination in Europe.

You need to find the best technical 
solution for your labelling needs?
We have a dedicated customer support team ready to meet your requirements.

We work with clients from the following industries

Food & beverages
General manufacturing
Food supplements & vitamins

Veterinary products
Advertising agencies
Graphic designers
Body & health care

Innovastore International has a successful foothold in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany. Where a lot has changed with the business environment and printing, hard work and innovation are still the guiding principles for us.

Who we are

It is well-known that many success stories share two underlying factors: hard work and innovation. In this regard, the story of Innovastore International is no exception.

In the 1970s, a lot of mines could be found around Genk. Due to the ongoing pollution and constant exposure to harmful fumes deep down in the tunnels, the workers needed treatment. Joseph Geraerts, a local pharmacist who had always been interested in new technologies was preparing ampules filled with cough syrup on a daily basis. For obvious reasons, the ampules needed labels and after some time, Joseph Geraerts decided to produce the labels by himself.

In 1973, he bought his first label printing machine at the Drupa. Before long, other companies in the area started buying their labels from him and little by little, Joseph Geraerts turned from a successful pharmacist into a pioneer for label printing. Since then, a lot has changed. Rita Geraerts took over in 1987 and ever since the company grew steadily. Thanks to the superior print quality, Geraerts Labelstore developed an outstanding reputation in the industry and the initial success allowed for major investments in 1995 and in 2010.

Being one of the leading printing houses Belgium since the early 2000s, it was time for the next step. With the foundation of Innovastore International in 2014, the company made clear that it had bigger goals. Since then, Innovastore International has succeeded to gain a foothold in the Netherlands, France and Germany. Whereas a lot has changed with regard to the business environment and printing, hard work and innovation are still among the guiding principles for Innovastore International.

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