Innovastore International at Vi-Tec Wine Trade Show
See, Feel, Taste Success!


At the recent Vi-Tec Wine Trade Show in Waregem (Belgium), Innovastore International was available to network with winemakers and present our innovative wine label printing services. Over two full days, the Innovastore team met representatives, professionals, and enthusiasts from the wine industry.

With the promise “See, feel, taste success!”, the team set out to show the wine aficionados at the fair how Innovastore International goes beyond being just their wine label supplier to be a reliable partner in their success story.


Wine label printing solutions displayed on shelves

Visitors at the Innovastore International booth interested to find out more about the label printing solutions for the wine industry.


With more than 1,500 interested visitors to the fair, the Innovastore International team was kept busy sharing our solutions for high-quality custom labels that can be tailormade from the material used to the speed of delivery. Visitors could see and feel for themselves how the labels would look on the wine bottles – from eco-friendly materials for the stickers to eye-catching or sophisticated options.

To make the experience more concrete, our team brought along wine bottles from our existing clients with our printed labels on them. This created a win-win-win situation where our potential clients could see and feel for themselves how their wine labels could look; our existing wine partners gained valuable extra exposure for their brand among a targeted audience; and, of course, we could demonstrate – both visually and tactilely – how effective our label solutions are.


Examples of label printing solutions seen on wine bottles displayed on shelves

Innovastore International displayed wine label examples from their existing clients at the booth.


This small gesture is an example of how we consider all our clients to be our partners – and we will go the extra mile, not only to ensure that their business needs are met, but also to create avenues where their businesses can thrive. 

Visitors to the wine fair were impressed by the possibilities and choices that Innovastore presented to them. Many were keen to discuss further. The team had a business dinner with a few of them after the trade show ended for the day, and made appointments to meet others at a mutually suitable time.


A discussion about label printing solutions for wine bottles

Visitors at the Innovastore International booth interested to find out more about the label printing solutions for the wine industry.


The Innovastore International team was pleased with the outcome of their presence at the Vi-Tec Wine Trade Show, and look forward to welcoming more label partners from the wine industry.

To find more about label printing options with Innovastore International today, contact: or +32 11 600 888